Whirling for Peace

 Art Performance “Whirling for Peace”

Anna Whirling (Omeliantseva) is from Ukraine.
All her life she was living there.
Anna create art performance “Whirling for Peace”.
First performance was made in Kyiv in 2019. Then Anna continued it every year until July 2022.
The performance gathered people from all over the world on the square of the city of Kyiv and within an hour people were whirling. This Meditation is dedicated to world peace.
Whirling as a symbol of peace and harmony.
In the beginning of the war in Ukraine she with her daughter moved to Turkey an then came to USA.

More details about this project you could find here:


Whirling for Peace.
Kyiv Ukraine
September 2019

Whirling for Peace
Kyiv Ukraine
September 2020