Nasiri ft. Son, Sufi Experience

I want to tell you a little about the project Nasiri ft. Son, Sufi Experience.

For me, it all began in India. My daughter Rada and I were spinning a concert under a banyan tree. When I stopped, a handsome fellow of oriental appearance ran up to me and immediately offered to perform together.

It was a wonderful musician from Iran Arsalan Nasiri, who lives in Sweden. He perfectly plays Iranian instruments: Udom, Daf and Tambour, as well as flute and clarinet.

In Goa, we performed several times together in different projects. We agreed to meet in Europe.

After that Arsalan met electronic musician Andres from Mexico. It was the European festivals.
Andres invited to the new project cameraman Nico from Brazil.

At the end of November we all ended up in Stockholm, thanks to the efforts of Arsalan.

I never knew that communication between a man and a woman can be so friendly and flirt free! In our post-Soviet society it is considered a rule of good taste to flirt with a girl. I felt a completely different attitude from the guys.

I am very grateful to Arsalan, Andres and Nico for this experience. For me, friendly relations between me and the musicians have always been very important. During time together and performances in one space, I felt incredibly calm and relaxed.

Thank Existence for this amazing experience!