How to start whirling?

Naturally, I am often asked how to learn whirling. My answer is too simple and straightforward – just do it! This can be done by anyone. Children are often whirling without ever thinking on how they do it. If it makes you feel sick or dizzy – no need to torment yourself, there are so many other ways to know God. But if you are good at it – be like children, leave your thoughts, stop holding onto your ideas and things, and – just whirl in the life’s current.

Of course there are common sense considerations: your stomach better be empty, make sure the space around you is free of obstacles. The surface you are on must be even and flat. It is very helpful if the things in the room are at equal distance from you – this helps you to feel being in the centre. You can try watching your hand while whirling – everything else will merge in one moving background.

Sooner or later you get to realize that in fact you are standing still in the centre and it is the entire Universe that is whirling in one magnificent single motion around wonderful You.